Sunday, February 7, 2010

I got a haircut!

A couple days ago, my sis and I got haircuts! It was actually a trim for me, but I haven't had one in three years. Here are "before" pictures of me, with waist-length hair:
And "after":

Ta-da! I'm glad with the way it turned out, it feels a lot healthier and I can still put it into my favorite styles. It's weird what a difference 4 inches makes!



Anonymous said...

oooh! your hair is so pretty!! :) and your face is pretty too. heh! :D i wish my hair was that long, though. oh well... it'll get there eventually!!! *closes eyes and clenches fists and wishes for hair to grow faster* ;D

Sophia said...

Aww... Thank you! Oh, that method you employ is very effective ;D