Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm tired!

I had a busy day today. Mama and I went grocery shopping. And clothes shopping. And plate shopping. And impulse shopping. And Valentines Day shopping. And we stopped at the library; oh, we were so efficient : )

We got some cute plates that have palm trees on them, and we bought groceries for two weeks for eight people. One of our biggest stops was at the library where we had a shelf of hold requests. In culinary arts, my sis and I are doing fancy desserts. Mama went crazy with the curriculum, and I think we're doing chocolate stuff now (there's so much!). I wonder if we have to pay for the drool damage to the books? ; P Currently we have home at least 25 dessert books.

Earlier I had an interesting thought. I usually think this thought, but today when I thought it, I thought it was profound. We were passing the highway in the van, and I thought something along these lines:
"Wow, lot's of cars. What if there are at least two people in each car? I can't even estimate that (they were going by so quickly). There are several billion people on this planet. I'm only one of them. Every single person is unique and has a different personality. It takes a lifetime just to get to know one person." I relayed the gist of it to Mama (there are a lot of people in the world) and she laughed. I explained it to her, and we talked about how life just flashes by, it's pretty scary.
Anyway, I think about it a lot. . .



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