About Me

Welcome to my blog! Here is where I share about my life: My schooling, my art, my daily doings, my family, my pursuit of feminine modesty and my journey as a young Christian woman. Everything I do is to glorify my Savior and Creator, my precious God.

I enjoy spending time outdoors, and with my siblings. I love glass, water, plaid, the beach, red, sparkles, flowers, silk, candles and pretty but useless things.

In my free time, I create. I sew, paint, draw, play guitar and piano, figure skate, take photos and cook and bake gluten-free. I'm always trying to learn something new. I also enjoy reenacting the 1850's at a living history museum. I babysit and tutor on the side.

I adore my amazing family. Without them, my life would be tragically lacking in amazing chocolate-y deserts, big hugs, good times, wisdom, guidance and love.

 And ducks and goats. 

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