Bucket List

1) Walk on a pedestrian street
2) Attend a full length symphony
3) Eat gelato (preferably in Italy)
4) Spend the day in a bookstore
5) Dance in a field of flowers
6) Ride a tractor
7) Henna with a friend
8) Wear a white dress
9) Be the subject of a photoshoot
10) Take a photography class
11) Take singing lessons
12) Receive a dozen red roses
13) Create and perform a figure skating routine
14) Have my guitar autographed by a famous artist
15) Drive a pick-up
16) Sell my paintings
17) Start a website dedicated to my art 
18) Read the entire Bible 
19) Window shop in Seattle
20) Speak Spanish for a full day
21) Start an Etsy shop
22) Sew a (modern) dress I’ve designed
23) Swim in tropical waters 
24) Eat crackers in a hammock
25) Go to Venice
26) Host a tea party 
27) Eat sushi in a authentic sushi restaurant 
28) Have an impromptu picnic under a tree
29) Do street art or go busking (or both)
30) Go to the Seattle Aquarium
31) Spend a month away from home
32) Be on a boat (yacht, cruise, fishing)
33) Decorate headbands
34) Make a music video 
35) Go to the beach with friends 
36) Start a fire with flint and steel 
37) Make a common dessert cookie gluten-free (oreos, graham crackers, etc.)
38) Finish one of my books
39) Get my associates degree
40) Make the honors list
41) Have other people learn my music
42) Buy a bicycle
43) See a musical live
44) Ride a camel
45) Paint a landscape in person 
46) Go to a concert with friends  
47) Swim at the local university 
48) Learn to fish
49) Ride a horse 
50) Wade through a field of waist deep wheat. 
51) Go to Anthem in Puyallup. 
52) Go canoeing
53) Go sailing
54) Ride on the back of a motorcycle
55) Go to a Sounders game
56) Ride in a convertible
57) Go to Hawaii
58) Go to Brazil
59) Have a Marvelous movie night
60) Be a part of a flash mob
61) Go on a cruise
62) Go to Elements in Puyallup