Friday, October 30, 2009

Today has been a day, and tomorow will be too.

There's no other way to say it. Just a typical day. I ate some pizza, did some school, read a couple of books and knit.

I did do something rather amusing. . . I listened to "Outrage" by Capital Lights. Nothing strange about that. Except that I listened to it 36 times in a row. That's about two hours straight. I had to pause it to answer my phone so it didn't count after that. It wasn't even an important call, I could've made it to 40. I know I broke a personal record, but I hope I broke some sort of national record, that would be cool. Let me know if you ever hear of such. I bet you think I am a broken record because I talk about Capital Lights so much.
I also broke the record of Most Fingerless Gloves Knit in One Day. I'm working on my sixth now.

Can you tell that my life has settled into a slow fall-like pace? I like it. I'm not posting this to tell you about my boring and strange idiosyncrasies, just to let y'all know that I'm over the flu. Thanks for praying. I was just lying on my bed, knitting and singing Falling Up songs and I thought why not post a bit on my blog. Things have been slow in my personal blogland.

Tomorrow is Halloween, and we have a tradition in my family. We buy everybody's favorite candy and turn out all the lights at dark. This ensues a lot of bumping around and giggling. After careful trading and distributing, we eat the candy and watch some movies. We always watch two movies, scary and not. This year it's Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure, and we haven't decided the other one. I voted Psycho. Mother said no.

I feel like cooking something tasty (my brother is looking eagerly over my shoulder. I'll bet he wants chocolate chip cookies) and I have to make a menu too.

See ya,



Graydon L said...

my family's halloween tradition is to see how many candies I can sneak from the trick or treating bowl without Mom noticing :D

I actually prefer to not give out candy, but Dad always wants to :P

we had 54 kids come to the door! We keep track!

Sophia said...

Lol, great tradition!