Friday, November 27, 2009

My very own Thanksgiving meal horror story! (plus update)

I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving full of gratitude.

We ate our meal and spent the day together on Wednesday because Dad had to work on Thursday. I ended up making the dressing, turkey, rolls and pie crusts (half of our family was getting allergy shots). I had help with everything else, like mashed potatoes, broccoli and gravy.
We gave thanks and ate, but a few hours later we all were sick with food poisoning. We think it was the turkey, but we're not sure. The turkey, gravy and dressing were thrown out; I think it's sort of ironic, but a disappointment, of course.
I missed out on my dress rehearsal for my ice skating performance. I'm not sure how it will turn out, I've only practiced the routine twice : (

Anyway, an update on life in general. This last month I've been making presents and alternating catching up/getting behind in school. Some things that have happened:

1. I've beaten my record on "Outrage" by Capital Lights. I've listened to it 71 consecutive times. It's about 3:50 minutes long.
2. Our new (six months old) computer burnt out. It generated this really bad burning smell and just stopped. It took all of our pictures and videos since May, my essays and reviews, my pictures, the books I was writing and worst of all, all of my music. Of course, there is a teensy-tiny chance that everything might be recovered; we're hoping for the best.
3. I've achieved 80% completion on my 1850's winter wool dress, and I might have it done by my next Nisqually event. Nisqually can get pretty cold, so I really need to finish. I've been procrastinating since March.
4. I cleaned my room and more amazingly, my desk. We decorated for Christmas too.
5. I have acquired a costume for my skating performance (and finished costumes for my teammates).
6. I've completed a few Christmas presents.

Looking over this list, I've decided that not much has happened in the last month. . .
Time has really sped up this last year, it's so crazy.

I think it would be cool to post on my blog more, because then I wouldn't have to make really long posts. I should do that. . .(she says, knowing that of course she won't : ))

Signing out,



Graydon L said...

Well I doubt the burning smell was your hard drive, so if you have a friend with the same brand of PC as you, you can remove the HD and plug into their computer to make sure your files are all good. You can back up your files and stuff then focus on fixing your computer. If you got a USB drive, that even better, 'cause you can plug into almost any computer.

My computer went nuts on me about 6 months ago, and it turned out to be the mother board not my HD. So it's probably not that.

Actually, it kinda depends on if it's a solid state drive, or a regular spinning drive. A SS drive has no moving parts which means it probably wouldn't make a burning smell. A regular HD has a small disk inside that spins at around 7200 RPM, so it could easily stink up the house if something got loose at contacted the spinning disk :)

If it's a desktop, I suggest you crack it open and try to locate the source of the smell. email me pictures if you want to, I could help identify the parts and stuff.

For a Laptop, that can be more involved, so if you don't feel comfortable opening it up to see what the problem is, just take it to a computer store for a diagnosis. Most places do those for next to nothing anyway, so at least you can find out how much it will be to fix it.

Oh, and try to find your warrantee information! You may be able to get it fixed at no cost!

Sophia said...

Haha, thanks Graydon.

It's the CPU that has the problem. We do have it under warranty luckily. We sent it to Texas (the company told us to) and they're gonna diagnose it for us.

David said...

Your Thanksgiving sounds like ours last year. We were at our grandparents house and the next day everyone woke up sick except my mom and grandpa.

Graydon L said...

nice, the CPU makes sense.