Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Graduation Weekend

Hola todos! I'm trying to remember the last time I posted. . . Well this is the first time I'm posting as a high-school and college graduate! Bear with me as I get back into the swing of things around here! :) On my graduation weekend, Grandma came from out of state to see me graduate. 

 College graduation:

Where's Waldo?

I was able to walk behind and in front of my friends; it was wonderful having them with me throughout the ceremony! :)

This picture is a little unfortunate, but it's one of the few we took! I say "we", but it was very odd to have an occasion where I was not behind the camera.

Reading the diploma at my high-school graduation.

Receiving my diploma.

It was such a lovely moment - so emotional! I didn't cry at my college graduation, but I definitely did for my high-school graduation.

Clara made me a gorgeous chocolate raspberry cheesecake!

The next day I went to a party that I helped put together for work. We did a barbecue at a park and it was pretty fun.

Yes, I got to play on the play set. 
Much fun. :)
And now it's time for my signature: an awkwardly placed story in the middle of a blog post!

An interesting situation occurred when I tried to jump up onto a swing. Either kids have longer legs nowadays or mine are rapidly shrinking. . . At any rate, the playground had high swings. 
Securing the first opportunity and being highly grateful that it was too early in the morning for the local children's playground excursions, I glided across the playground and eagerly grasped the rusty chains of the swing on the left. I jumped backwards onto the swing. I landed on the ground. I jumped again. I landed on the ground again. I heard a chuckle emit from the covered shelter where we had set up. 
Determined, I leapt backwards with the agility of a ninety-year-old man and landed with my knees on the seat and the world upside down. 
It's funny; I learned that when the world is upside down and swinging back and forth, my face gets red and hot and I screech like a monkey. Two of my highly amused co-workers came and rescued me and stood by to watch as I leapt into the seat gracefully. 
Whilst dropping my phone. 
The end.

One of my co-workers brought his dog, Yoshi. Note his tiny, ecstatic face as he runs. :P

So cute. . .

Later we went to a friend's graduation party and had a blast there hanging out. Clara took full advantage of the fact that they had a rope swing at their house.

Nigel, playing volleyball, I think.

I find it amusing that this is the only picture Clara took of me. I was not on my phone the whole time, I promise!

It feels incredibly weird that I'm not in school anymore. I mean, I've been in school all my life. I just finished four years of high school, two years of college. . . Where did that time go?


Marian said...

Great pictures, and happy graduation!!! :)

Hannah said...

Happy graduation!!! I understand the weird feeling of being finished with school, although I still have another three years of college remaining. Welcome back to the realm of blogging :)