Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Weekend

Welllll. . .
 Apparently this little lingering cough is actually the whooping cough. It's been tough - I've been going to school and work, but I have missed church for over a month. 
Now we all are sick, but worry not, we have many supplements we're taking. :)

Scenes from here:

 Gareth working out some tunes on the harmonica. You can usually hear musical strains coming from some part of the house. Either violin from Clara, harmonica from Gareth, guitar from my direction, or reggae music streaming when Daddy is home.

Me being productive and planting snow peas! Lucinda was helping me, but she did a little experiment entitled "What happens when you kick a swarm of bees even though you thought they were flies."
The end result being everybody goes inside and gets jobs reassigned. 

The weather's been so lovely lately! I've enjoyed wearing lighter colors and sandals all last week. :) We've been working in the garden and spending time outside. On Friday I went on a walk near the lake at school with a new friend and later I hung out in the sun and ate fries and Dr Pepper with an old friend. We actually ended up taking the goats for a walk, resulting in a minor fur explosion, a near miss with a cellphone and a slightly bruised back. :) 

Oh, and speaking of the goats, they've been soo naughty lately! This is Nigel trying to give them some yogurt  (and other stuff) to help counteract the poison of the Rhododendron leaves they ate when they escaped and ran up the front porch and snitched some. *Sigh* As far as we know, they're okay. 

I got to cook this weekend - I made some Cippino soup. This is dinner from tonight; it was like a shrimp bowl, it was really good! Clara also made cookies, and though I'm on a grain-free diet, I had to succumb. The pangs of guilt were quickly subsided by warm, chewy-gooey, chocolatey beauteousness. Haha, I've had so much coffee this past week. Believe me, I'm still working on the food temptation thing (shall I delete the part above about the Dr Pepper and fries. . . ?)

It's been such a nice weekend (no duh, I had like, five naps :D). This week I have my first exam in Chem. Er, didn't the quarter just start?

Till next time!


a writing maiden said...

Hi Sophia! I thought I'd just drop by and say thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm glad I was able to encourage you with my courtship post! Are you planning on doing courtship? Your friend, Cari

Hannah said...

Where are you?? I miss reading your posts!