Friday, March 9, 2012

Dear notes. . .

Dear sissy: 
I love how you make me yummy food to eat every day and I really appreciate it!
Dear index finger: 
I hope you get better and I didn't mean to slam the gate on you! :(

Dear boss, and assistant-boss: 
I'm so sorry! I promise that I'm reading my work email, just not the morning you needed me to. . .

Dear mentor: 
Thank you for running after me and reminding me to check my email. Even though you scared me half to death. 

Dear chemistry: 
We need to spend some quality time this weekend!

Dear ridiculously early history final:
I think we hit it off pretty well. Cheers to an extra hour for a week. 

Dear blogging friends: 
You make me happy <3

 Happy weekend, people!


Marian said...

Did I read that right--you already took a final test?!

Miss Sophia said...

Yes! My teacher apparently is traveling overseas or something. . .