Saturday, March 10, 2012

They make way cuter slippers now than eleven years ago . . .

Right now:

I'm denting the couch (I did switch sides at one point), blogging, writing a paper, listening to music and shopping for some new slippers. Er, considering that I've been here for four hours, I definitely think it's time to re-evaluate my effectiveness at multitasking . . .

Mama says I look like Mary Tyler Moore. . . Wish I could be this comfy in public! Socks, leggings, a thick knit sweater and fluffy slippers.

 Oh yeah, the slippers?

I'm shopping for new ones . . . I realize this makes me look really . . . er, sloppy? Lazy? Deprived? These have been the best slippers ever and I've had them for ages (hmm, about eleven, twelve years?). Wow, yeah, let's just say I have a slight attachment to them. 

Might be able to reconcile myself to a pair of these . . .

How cute are these?  
They make armadillos, pigs, dragons, kangaroos, pandas, bulldogs - omg, totally cute! 
Yes, I just typed "omg". 
That's how cute they are.

<3 <3 <3

So I've narrowed it down to two. . .

 These . . .


Or these. Leaning towards the booties . . . Life is full of tough decisions!

But not when it comes to yogurt!

Merry weekend to all, and to all a good night!


Stephanie said...

Of the two you are trying to decide between, I think you should get the top ones. :) But if I were you, I'd probably end up choosing the Angry Birds one. :D

Kimberly said...

omg . . . which stands for;
"oh my goodnessgracious"
"OH! Mother get-in-here!"
"options makingme giggle"
"Oh, me GET!" <---that one in a Cookie Monster voice.

Miss Sophia said...

Haha, yes, to clarify:
"omg" stands for "oh my greatgraciousness" and is pronounced with a long "o" and soft g, thus, "Oohmmng" usually holding the sound, depending on how cute specified object is. . .

Marian said...

Oh yes, Tillamook yoghurt is the best! And I love that last pair of slippers--they look really warm.

Stephanie said...

Hey Sophia!!
I tagged you over on this post on my blog!

Have you decided which slippers to get yet? :)

caulistats said...

I absolutely love those koala slippers. So adorable.

And my favorite omg definition is "Oh, me GET!" in the Cookie Monster voice. Makes me laugh. :-)