Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday as Friday

Due to the fact that I only have one class and tutoring training on Fridays, it really feels like a three-day weekend every week. You know that feeling? It's actually a little dangerous. :) Not only because I have the tendency to be complacent, but also because if any professor catches wind of a three-day weekend, that means extra homework, for sure. Even if you don't normally have homework, they can *definitely* dig something up for ya.

So. . .

I would like to dedicate this post to my new crush, Chemistry. Yes, you read that correctly. I actually, sorta, maybe kinda like Chem now. A little. I had a little fun in lab today. And I'm the only one who laughs at the Chem jokes my teacher makes. And I wasn't even embarrassed when I had to take my quiz to the front of the class to finish cause I left my periodic table at home and I had to read from the one on the blackboard. Okay, I really was.

I never thought that it would come to this. I never expected the phrase "I like Chemistry" to cross my lips, drop from my pen, or *gasp* enter the public world via a blog post.

I actually feel a little exposed. Just keepin' it real, folks.


Stephanie Ann said...

I've found out this in college too. In high school people would say something was really difficult so I wouldn't really give it a chance and subsequently "not like it," only to find out in college that it wasn't beyond my capabilities and sort of fun.

Enjoy your long weekend! My little sister has Thursdays and Fridays off.

Hannah said...

I was the only one who laughed at my Chem teacher's chem jokes too! We also had sprained ankles at the same time. It was an interesting class.

Marian said...

I'm glad you like chemistry now! :)