Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So, school's started up again. But this quarter is radically different because I am now, officially, an employee at my college :). I'm a tutor and I tutor English and Spanish. No, I don't get too confused about that.

At first I was daunted by our mission statement. I'm to be a model student, helping students to learn how to learn. I'm supposed to change their way of learning and to motivate, mentor, encourage and facilitate valuable learning discussions in every session. That's definitely a high standard.

So yesterday I sat down with my first student. I literally ran into the Tutoring Center, at 12:07 (my class ends at 12:05, go figure)  for my 12:00 appointment. "What happened?" She said sourly, glaring up at me. I swallowed, smiled (while wiping sweat off of my forehead), and tried to remember the first session steps. I made it through okay :)

Thank goodness I was homeschooled. It was almost easier than tutoring younger siblings. Because she didn't complain to Mama. Okay now, totally kidding!

Anyway, I loved it. I loved it. I will adore my job. I loved explaining the same thing in several different ways, I loved showing my tutee how to use resources. One of my favorite parts was having her make examples for me that were actually right! And the best? The aha! moment, when the lights came on and she smiled so happily.

I have two appointments tomorrow; we're gonna have so much fun  :)


Marian said...

That's a tough way to begin the first session, but it sounds like you handled it graciously! I'm glad tutoring is going well for you. :)

caulistats said...

That's great, Sophia! We have another niece here who's doing the same thing at the local college (but in math). Sounds like it's very rewarding when you're able to break through their cloud and really help them to understand, eh? So happy that you're enjoying it so much!