Saturday, January 7, 2012

Year past, year ahead

 Hello everyone! I know that this is another new year thang, but this one's for a big giveaway at my friend Stephanie's blog, here. Should be fun! Here we go. . .

1. What do you do each year for the New Year? Stay up late and wait for the ball to drop, go to a party, etc...? 

 Well we usually just hang out at home and play games, reminisce, eat snacks and try to make sure nobody falls asleep. 

2. How do you celebrate Valentines Day? Do you go all out (decorate the house, go out to dinner, etc.), do you just give each other Valentines or chocolate, or do you not acknowledge the day at all?

Valentines Day is pretty low key! Last Valentines Day I was in school all day, and it was just a pretty normal day. Our Valentines celebrations have changed over the years, but for the past few years we've just given out Valentines. 

3. Do you get snow in the winter? How much?

We usually don't, but last year we got plenty in February!

4. How do you celebrate Easter?

Church, special family time, big dinner, egg decorating and egg hunt . . . But not in that order :)

5. "April showers bring May flowers." Does this saying describe where you live?

Umm, not really. It should be "April showers pave the way for May showers." 

6. June is a month well known for weddings. How many people do you know that have been married in June?

Surprisingly, not many!

7. Do you celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks? What is your favorite kind of firework? 

Yes, fireworks are essential. My favorite kind are the sparklers, though I'm not sure if those count as an actual "firework". I find them very enchanting.

8. Ok, so August gets really hot. How do you like to cool off on a hot summer day?

The pool! We have a pool really close to our house that we've never taken advantage of, but that's something I really want to do in 2012. If not, there's always the lake, and, of course, water balloon fights :)

9. Ahh... September the month when you get in your last digs of the summer, the leaves might start changing colors, and you start school. What do you like best about September?

I love the nostalgia of September. It's one of my favorite times in the year. You get to start afresh a bit, and shake of the laziness of summer.

10. October... now that involves pumpkins. :D Do you and your family go to a pumpkin farm or the store and get pumpkins? What do you do with them? Do you carve them or make pies out of them (if they are edible ;))?

We love going to pumpkin farms, but if we don't make it then we grab some from the store. If we do the farm, we usually process them for muffins, pies, etc. If they're from the store, they get carved!

11. Thanksgiving is a wonderful start to the Holiday Season. What are you thankful for this past year?

I'm thankful for all the opportunities I've been able to step back and look at my life; to see all the people that make it wonderful. 

12. Christmas is such a wonderful time... how do you celebrate Christmas Day?

Our 2011 Christmas, we woke up painfully early, woke the parents, lined up in the hall then went into the living room to open stockings. Then we went to church and when we got back we opened the presents under the tree. With so many people it takes a lot of time! We worked on dinner and spent time together. It was sort of a variant on what we've done in Christmases past, but this year was just different.

13. What was the most memorable thing that happened to you this past year?

That's a good question. I sat back and thought about it, but my mind kept going back to that boat in the summer. That was definitely one of my favorite experiences last year!

14. Was there something this past year that you were able to learn from in a major way?

Yes, definitely. Around this time last year, I was acting selfishly towards someone. There was a lot going on and I've moved on and learned so much about myself since then.

15. There are ups and downs in every year. What was the happiest thing that happened? What was the saddest?

The two happiest things this year were Tarquin being able to eat his first food, and getting piano lessons. 
The saddest things were losing my Grandpa to cancer, and finding out Mother had it too, so soon after.

16. What are you looking forward to this year? Have you any super duper plans ahead of you?

This year is going to be so amazing. I'm looking forward to graduating and starting my journey as a stay at home daughter. I'm starting to think about the option of online colleges, but as for continuing education, I can't wait to delve into theology, economics, politics and more history. I'm also hoping to help Mama with redecorating the house; it's waited so long. All of these things are forming in my head, yet step one is to graduate with good grades.

17. What is the funniest thing that happened last year, that never fails to make you laugh?

Okay, this memory keeps popping out. I went to visit the youth group of my two friends with Clara. It was really fun, but doesn't fit into our schedule anymore :( So anyway, we were talking about the character of Christ, as seen in the story of Lazarus. We were sort of starting from the beginning and defining what death is, Biblically, and the youth group leader put up a slide that showed Timone and Pumba from The Lion King. To the side, it said, "The Circle of Life is a LIE!" and Timone had his mouth wide open with a caption that said, "WHAT?!?" We all laughed, and then stopped. I chuckled. I giggled. Then I cracked up again. Everyone was laughing again, though at my hysterics. "Um, I'll give you a second. . ." The youth leader said. I wiped the tears from my eyes and calmed down as fast as I could. I know it doesn't seem funny, but it was HILARIOUS at the time. . . Ahhh. . . 

18. What was your favorite month last year?

I think October. I went to some fun parties, and I was always with good friends. My health was fairly good, I was getting good grades and having a blast at school. Nothing was wrong back then!

Well, school starts on Monday, hope to get more on that soon!


Marian said...

"April showers pave the way for May showers."

Exactly! :D

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for entering this, Sophia! I loved your answers, they were fun and thoughtful at the same time. :)


Stephanie Ann said...

It's great that you are posting again. I like the idea of a public "bucket list!"

Hannah said...

You're back! I've been checking back every week or couple of days to see if you returned to the blogging world :) So sorry to hear about your grandfather and your mother's sickness--please know that you will all be in my prayers! God is SO good, always, even when His plans don't make sense at the time.
What part of Washington are you in?

Miss Sophia said...

Thanks Hannah :) I live in the general Tacoma area :) You?

Hannah said...

I'm over in Snohomish County :)