Sunday, May 1, 2011

And they had an organ

I went to a Wind and Brass Recital at the local university. I have to write about it for my Music Appreciation class. I was SO not looking forward to it, but when I got there, I knew it was the real deal. They had a music building. A whole building. Love it. In their concert hall (in their music building) they have an organ.

An organ. An organ. The first time I've seen one in real life. Let me tell you, add it to your bucket list because they are so breathtaking and elaborate and magnificent and make you feel really, really small. Can you tell how much I love the organ? I wasn't even expecting there to *be* an organ, it was just like, *POW* there's an organ over there. I literally could not breathe for a minute. I think that if they're gonna spring random organs on people they should at least warn them first. . .

We got there first, of course. Where do ya sit?

After the difficult decision regarding seating, I read the program.

And heard some beautiful music :)

Ah, today I'm writing letters to friends, finishing homework, sewing delicious silk onto a certain bonnet and enjoying the yummy sunshine! Happy May!

I'll tell y'all about how the bonnet class went soon!


Marian said...

Can't wait to hear about the bonnet class! :)

And yes, what a gorgeous organ! I've never actually heard it played, but that would be something.

caulistats said...

That IS a seriously beautiful organ. :-)