Friday, April 29, 2011

Altering a Skirt

That was in the back of my closet, woefully dreaming of the day when I'd pull in out and wear it. *sniff*

However, it neglected to realize that I didn't wear it because it was so long I couldn't walk in it. This is not a good thing with a wrap skirt as one must be careful not to step on one's skirt and have it drizzle off of one's body in front of everyone. Just a hypothetical thought, there. . . ; )

And, it was too big in the waist.

So, I got out the scissors, sewing machine, M&M's, you know, standard sewing stuff. . .
I cut it in half, hemmed it, voila!

We've altered many-a-skirt this way. Very easy, very fun, and very useful!

There was enough left over to make a skirt for little sis, too! Love it :)

I'm looking forward to a bonnet making class tomorrow, it'll be amazing!


P.S. Don't let the darling sandals fool you, the weather is freezing and windy!

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Marian said...

That's really cute! :) Love the line about M&M's too.