Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lace, silk, flowers. . . Bonnets!

Sewing a bonnet is a bit like sewing inside a bucket. A pretty bucket. The last week of April, I went to a bonnet class where I spent a delightful day creating a bonnet form and chatting with some fabulous ladies! I went home with some lovely supplies:

The silk is. . . Silllky. The flowers are charming. The lace? It's yummy.

Okay, it's confession time. My teddy bear still lives on my bed. His name is Precarious Darius Stradivarius the Bearius. He prefers Darius. He's just as cuddly as he was when I was seven. Just so you know.
Anyway, he's graciously agreed to model my bonnet form.

Can't picture it?

Now? Do you think that the plaid bow-tie clashes? It might look better with my sheer fan-front?

This is the back so far. SO exciting! Love it!

P.S Thank you so much to our lovely teacher! You were so prepared and made the class a fabulous experience!

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Marian said...

That's turning out very nicely; good job! It looks pretty difficult to me. Cute model, too! ;)