Friday, October 9, 2009

Going, going...still going...

My mp3 player is slowly dying, dying.
I'm completely upset. It still sort of works but I think Capital Lights killed it. I uploaded Capital Lights music onto it then it went all crazy.
My sister informs me that this sort of thought is a fallacy, and I quite agree with her, I just like the idea of my favorite artist destroying my mp3 player.

Capital Lights is my favorite artist now, yes. They wrote two of my favorite songs. My favorite composers are John Williams (the John Williams) and Jonathan Williams. I like to say this to confuse people : )

Unfortunately, I discovered Capital Lights a week after they disbanded. I am madly scrambling to buy everything by them, and everything about them. T-shirts, cds, EPs and pictures. I can't find their first EP, so I'm upset, but still hopeful and determined.

One of the things that kills me is that Capital Lights lived in Seattle for a while...They're in Oklahoma now...

Is it just me or does everybody have grim near misses with bands? Is this a trend? Am I unlucky?

I need to be working on Geometry.


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