Friday, October 9, 2009

A (hopefully) good idea

I'm thinking about a theme blog. This blog is about me, and if I weren't me, I'd be yawning and thinking, "Why did I decide to look at this blog? I don't even know this girl and I don't care".
If I weren't me and I knew me then I might find it interesting, but being me I can't judge.


Okay, so I thought maybe if I had a theme blog about something, like knitting, baking, sewing, cleaning, figure skating, reenacting or whatever other random hobby I had, then people who saw it would be more interested, "Oh a girl who only sews..."

I think it would be fun, and I might try it, but what theme? Something different, interesting, original. All of my hobbies are completely used and done. Maybe I could become a critic? Cookies, houses, movies, pencils? Well, who'd want to read about pencils?


Ramble ramble ramble,



Graydon L said...

I think if you write as funny as possible, (which you've been doing quite well, btw) people won't care that it's all about you.

Also, you could "report" on the latest news stories and give us your take on them. Hopefully humorously :)

Just my thoughts.

Sophia said...

Thanks, I'll try to be my funniest :)

I think that you do that well though, and I think that's good for this blog, I'm just thinking about a second one too.

Thanks for responding!

Graydon L said...

I see. Sure, whatever you wanna do. I've actually had several blogs, but nothing really ever came about.

Sophia said...

I thought you only had two, what are/were the other ones about?