Sunday, March 25, 2012

My duckies

I love my duckies, and I got to cuddle one earlier because she has a little swollen foot. :(  I remember when they were tiny, and I miss them that way!

I'm still sick, and though I've certainly gotten used to this cough, I think it's time we finally parted ways . . . My cunning plan at this point is to pretend that I'm not sick at all, and get to work on some sewing projects that  have been desperately waiting for my attention.

Woot, spring break, baby.


Marian said...

They're so cute! :) I hope to work on sewing this week, too.

Hannah said...

Your ducks are adorable! :) I'm sorry you're sick...I am too! Thankfully it coincides nicely with Spring Break, but still!

Anonymous said...

I love your ducks! So cute!
Sorry you're sick,