Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cough cough

That cough in the title was not to call your attention to my internet presence, but rather to paraphrase most of what I've been saying lately as I've been sick for the past week.

Le evidence
I took some expired Theraflu, several cough drops, vitamin D, vitamin C, Sambucol (homeopathic cold relief), and some other stuff which hasn't worked. I'm just coughing like crazy, the upside being a side split and aching abs. Definitely working the abs. Oh yes, and I have an inordinate craving for Dr Pepper, but that I've found to be normal.

So . . . Good timing, I'd say! Spring break has started for me. I finished my last final yesterday, and thanks to my amazing tutors, I think I aced it. There was one question in particular that I had no clue to work, so I just kinda plopped some stuff down in the answer spot, maybe it'll count for something somewhere; good penmanship if nothing else :P. I'm sure everyone else in the room was very happy when I left so that their concentration wasn't punctuated by sporadic and violent coughing.

So I have a big list of stuff to do during spring break. Number one is kick this cold. So I'll just watch Cupcake Wars and read beauty blogs. And eat too much. That's what I do when I'm sick. What do you do when you're sick?

Toodles, y'all and enjoy thinking about spring (which is about all you can do in WA as it doesn't actually arrive in "Spring time". . . It's all relative).

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Marian said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! :(