Monday, February 20, 2012

Girl + Job = Shopping

Ummm. . . Do the math. 

In all seriousness, I am enjoying getting a paycheck. But even more important is that I'm learning to budget! I bought some new clothes yesterday (and new shoes last week, I think?), but I've stuck strictly to my budget and I'm super proud of that. I still have money left, but it's divided into two pristine envelopes labeled "Tithe" and "Savings". Yeah, Sophia-of-the-past, chew on that little idea.

Sophia-of-the-past, feelin' the BURN!

This is what I wore to church yesterday.
Outfit Breakdown:
Cardigan - Thrifted
Cami - Forever 21
Skirt - Borrowed!
Houndstooth tights - JC Penny
Mary Jane heels - Payless

 Recently, Sophia has been learning about how to deal with stress. She's tried any number of ways, including Reeces Pieces, Kinect-ing, Being Grouchy, and Bawling Her Eyes Out in the Breakroom. The most effective being, honesty, the Reeces Pieces. :)

So I think I'm re-learning why exactly I hate chem. I mean love chem. It's a love-hate relationship, but I'm definitely committed. Which is why I've been so so silent online. 

It's definitely been an on-and-off relationship, but this time around, I'm seeking help. Yes, the tutor is being tutored, and by golly, it just might work!

My birthday is this week, and I shall be 18.
When I was about ten, I remember thinking, wow, in four years I'll be so old! When I was fourteen, I thought, well, no big deal, but when I'm eighteen, I'll be so old! I can vote! And drive a car!
You'd think I'd have caught on by now, but doesn't twenty-two sound so old? ; )

Okay, so here's what's going down on the big day:
3 appointments with my students
2 delish meals
1 chem lab
1/2 a mind to bring all of my birthday cupcakes to school with me

Well this blog post has been a conglomeration of several different subjects, probably stemming from 1) the fact that I never post, and 2) the unfortunate reality of a plethora of partially-finished posts expiring in my "draft" box.

Have an amazing week, y'all! Take moments to breathe deep and appreciate lovely life. I know that my week will be intense, but I'm looking forward to it!

I just learned that in the making of blog posts, if you want to enlarge a picture, hitting the "shift" key over and over again will not do a blessed thing.


Clara said...

Girl + Job = Shopping is one very handy equation, in my opinion. I mean, people talk about the Quadratic Equation being useful for solving all types of problems! *sigh* That equation's underrated, for sure. :)

Marian said...

I love your outfit--it's so perfectly coordinated! :)

Expee said...

Oh man, 22 sounds SOOOOOO old, practically ancient; ridiculously aged!

~Sincerely, your 24-year-old sarcastic brother :-)

Miss Sophia said...

~ Expee

It's okay, we can pretend that your back doesn't creak when you play Dance Central. . .

Expee said...

wait you mean the songs on that game don't all have a *creak creak creak* instrumental backing? I thought that was a really odd design choice...