Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Church Family Camp 2011

 Wow, was this really over a week ago? Well, about a fortnight ago, we spent a day at our church's annual family camp. We tried to head out pretty early, though despite our efforts we were a bit late and came during the morning sermon.

After the morning service we went to a nearby lake for the baptisms. On the way back to the campgrounds I was surprised at how close the lake actually was. It had seemed further away since we had gotten lost on the way there - and led a few other cars astray too. :)

And we saw two camels! How awesome is that?

I was cheering for both teams during the ongoing kickball tournament. . . It was super fun to watch and "commentate" from the sidelines. Don't bother asking for the tapes, they were destroyed. :evil laugh:

My sis watching the tournament.

There was gluten-free, dairy-free cake and it was ah-mazing. . . Not that I had two slices - one was for a friend. :)

Okay, finally tonight I learn why he is soaking in this pic. . . Apparently the 94* weather merited  dousing with water in between scooter rides. . .

The boy can't smile for a picture!

Before the evening service. . .

Sitting with friends!

Before dinner there was an epic parents-versus-children volleyball game. Otherwise known to some as "Oldies" versus "Youth Group". Yeah, um, you didn't hear that from me. . . I took part as a photographer and enthusiastic cheerleader. 


 Score for the parents!

Meanwhile, another kickball game was in full swing.

Watching that ball. . .

I happened to look over and see my two little sisters riding friends' bikes like nobody's business! How did their friends teach them in one hour what took me a week to learn? Needless to say, they have fabulous friends and had a fun time on those bikes! They were still whizzing around the parking area when it was time to go. . .

Me watching all the activity

I was offered a pen and a friends' feet, so we had fun with that. :) 

Trying to get in a few artsy shots (displaying my pen tattoo work :P). As you can see, my summer henna job is faded (all gone now).

 The moon was hauntingly beautiful, and this shot also includes the bat that was flying overhead during the volleyball game!

A friend let me borrow his gorgeous new guitar and I got to jam (jam with friends - off my bucket list!). Two fiddles, two guitars and a drum. I took this pic just as we were leaving.

The city lights on the water.

The ride back home was pretty blurry as I dozed off quite a few times.  Gareth dubbed it, "The ride of many dozings". After a long day we were glad to be home and thankful for warm beds instead of the hard ground. I love faux camping. . . We'll see about next year!

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