Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer, summer, summer!

Wow, hi there! Remember me? No?

Oh. Well, I’ve been caught up in the thick of summer! In my opinion, summer really starts in August. It’s one of my favorite times of the year.


Mall trip! Last week Clara and I went to the mall with friends. Love Bath and Body Works (which we visited several times during the course of the afternoon for aromatherapy :D)


Debating outfit choices in Romy’s. . .069 Playing with make-up in Sephora.

108 Buying some cute stuff at Forever 21. I find all of my favorite sweaters there! My friend and I unconsciously bought the same sweater this time around – great minds think alike!


We all bought the same bracelet though, on purpose. . . :)


The guys finished the barn just this week. It’s amazing! The goats are living there now, and the ducks are still in their brooder. They grow so, so fast!



Big families: Put everyone in the same room with Matt Belsante, Frank Sinatra and Michael Bublé and you have a spontaneous swing party going!


All of the girls got our hair trimmed a few weeks ago. Araminta hasn’t had a trim in a long time – she ended up with a short bob!


Here are her curls in action!


Our tomatoes haven’t done very well this year, but we have had some!


Strawberries are done this year! 074

Summertime means volunteering at the Fort! This year I worked at all of the camps.

020 105

This was at a summer event. The next big one is soon!


Summer is also having more time to bake. This is the first of many cakes that we’ve made so far. A few days ago a friend gave me a recipe for a cake that didn’t survive long enough to be photographed. . .


So far this summer’s been amazing, and it’s not over yet!


Marian said...

Ok, now I want to reach into the computer screen and grab a piece of that CAKE. :D Is it red velvet? It looks wonderful...

I love seeing your reenactment costumes! And the ducks are darling. <3

Miss Sophia said...

It *is* red velvet. . . The first time I had tried it!