Friday, August 12, 2011

Our little barn. . .

Meet Selkie Santolina:


And this is Sarabi Saffron:051


This is when we got them, at about one month old. We’ve had them for about three or four weeks now!  They were Mama’s dream present for her big birthday :).

026 030

These girls are such cuddlebugs! You can’t step out for two minutes without at least one of them trying to sit in your lap.


In addition to babysitting, I now “goat-sit”. They bleat pretty loudly when they want a bottle or company, especially now that they’ve moved to the barn outside. Previously they’ve occupied the screen porch off of the dining room.


They love cuddling together too. . .


And two weeks ago we got baby duckies! Another birthday present for Mama!

097They came on Tarquin’s birthday, so that was fun to start the day with!


Their names are “Jemima Dorothy”, “Lucy & Ethel” and “Nancy Drew”.

These girlies are too adorable. They actually are little party animals – they chirp all night! Their favorite things to do are to take baths in a shallow bucket, swim in the big water dish, and dunk their heads in the little water feeder.


Ah, the goats are fun. . .


Whoever said, “Curiosity killed the cat” obviously never had a goat. They love, love, love to explore. When we had them on the porch, they would rush inside and jump on the couch, or try to eat paper from the shredder, among other things. Now every time you open their fence they make a mad dash to escape and explore as much as they can in their brief moments of freedom. 


Notice the ducks in the goat’s water bowl?


One of the cute things they do is sleep in crazy places. Like a metal bowl, or a cupboard, or under a hay bale. . .003

They’re growing so fast! Next year they’ll be producing eggs and milk!

It’s a fun new experience for me. I’ve never been a big animal person, but now we have six of them. I love going to Del’s Farm Supply and buying 25 pound sacks of feed and bales of straw. I like waking up every morning and feeding the ducks. I tolerate preventing duck suicide (they like to try and jump out of their transportation bucket) and I absolutely dislike giving the goats medicine.


Stephanie Ann said...

Awwww! They are so cute! I would love to be able to "raise milk" because i'd love to learn to make cheese but I can't deal with the meat end of it.

caulistats said...

They actually sleep with their head in a bowl like that? That is hilarious!

Carrie said...

How cute! Are the goats pigmy? I wanted pigmy goats when I was younger... actually, I'd still like some someday. =)


Miss Sophia said...

They're Nigerian Dwarfs, so they're pretty much like pygmy goats. The only difference is that pygmy goats are usually for meat, and dwarfs are for milk.