Monday, August 23, 2010

It is what it is

Summer is over. For me, it's not done yet, but homeschool did start today. Nigel and I are in the schoolroom, but only to finish Geometry (and I need to finish sewing projects too).

Today I ate two Ry Crisp crackers and a big blueberry muffin. It seems that I am intolerant to wheat. I'm not sure if I ate enough rye for it to "register" in my tummy, but until I test again (not looking forward to that) I'm just staying gluten-free. A family friend brought me some special flour mix today so hopefully I'll be able to make some bread in the bread machine.

I'm excited for September. Not only do I love the fall, but I'm looking forward to the fair! My amazingly beautiful and talented sister will be preforming!!!

She has an amazing routine I can't wait to see! She was at the fair last year with a solo performance, but she's improved so much since then (now she's an assistant coach).

Also in September I start school. . .Then things start to move fast!

~Sophia (who could be doing a billion other things right now. . . )


Stephanie Ann said...

How was school?

Sophia said...

Pretty good! Like I said, I'm just finishing up Geometry, but it's nice to have a focused environment!