Monday, August 16, 2010

A gluten-free me

Lately I've been getting stomach aches, and the worst one was after I went on a little baking spree. I made (and ate) crackers, breadsticks, bread, blueberry cobbler and cookies. So, I have decided to go gluten free for one week, ending on Monday.

I've already tried going dairy-free; not only was it hard (craving-wise and why-on-earth-is there-dairy-in-spaghetti-sauce-wise), but it was also ineffective.

In my quest to feel stronger and healthier, I've started to do some zumba (no spell check, I didn't mean zombie) via youtube. It's really fun. I sort of feel silly doing it, but it's exercise, I already look silly. Zumba, core training and figure skating is how I exercise nowadays.

Last week I had a test in figure skating. At the beginning of the session, the coach said candidly (and characteristically), "Now, this is one of the hardest levels. Don't think you're gonna pass."
Nobody really likes him. I do though, he knows what he's talking about.

Anyway, I wasn't nervous about the test because I knew I wasn't going to pass. I didn't feel strong on my elements, and I still don't. After my test though, Coach comes up and says, "You were really close to passing, you just need to work on your change-foot spin."

I was surprised. Usually I have to ask about what I need to work on. I was even more surprised that I almost passed first try. Go figure.


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Stephanie Ann said...

My mom wants me to do Zumba with her. :D I do like to dance, I'm just terrible!