Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happenings Of Late (pic heavy)

July 21- 23rd, we were at the beach! The weather was slightly chilly and windy, but that’s not new. Though what *is* new is the sky and sea turning bright blue as the clouds disappeared when we were leaving. For the most part, there’s nothing new at the beach, but this year we found. . .


Which meant. . .


038 040

Seesawing was really fun until we started falling off!

066 055

We celebrated a birthday the next week:


031 053

“Look! They have pockets!”

069 070

Happy Birthday Tarquin!

We celebrated another special occasion on the 31st:


100 129

After four years of dedication, hard work, broken boards, substitute teaching and bruised knuckles. . . Nigel got his black belt! Needless to say, we are SO proud of him; this is a goal he has been working towards for a long time.

This last week we’ve had an aunt and cousin over for a few days. This was


Splashing in the pool. . .




Fairy houses. . .


And fun in the forest! We didn’t get many pictures, but we did get good decorating advice from my aunt, so now we’re remodeling!008

Bye bye ugly popcorn ceiling. I won’t miss you.


Before. . .



And with my trusty thimble on my finger, I continue to knit with wool and sew with silk in preparation for our fall and winter events at the Fort. I've so much to do that it’s best to start now!

Take a look at my recipe page; I’ve added something new!



Stephanie Ann said...

I'd be afraid of being buried in the sand! It scares me at the beach. What if my family leaves me there? :D

The photos are really nice.

Sophia said...

Lol :P