Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What next?!?


Today I had a lovely day at Fort Nisqually, volunteering at the middle school camp. It was "Gentleman's Day" so I dressed in my fancy summer dress, and I had a great time. The highlight of the day was the afternoon tea. The young gentleman campers were instructed to escort the young lady campers in to the table. I overhead one young man say, "Ah man! We aren't s'posed to do this kind of stuff 'til the eighth grade!"

When I got back home, I heard that one sister was sick, another hurt her neck, and another accidentally ripped her whole toenail out. In addition, my youngest brother is sick, and the tire blew out on the van.

I gave out hugs and went to my skating lesson. After the next class, I stepped back onto the ice and five minutes later, I fell out of a salchow and completely bent my leg backwards and twisted my ankle. I didn't know my body could twist like that, actually. Luckily nothing's broken, but it hurts like crazy and I'm stuck in bed.


I got a feeling that I'm gonna be here for awhile. . .



Stephanie Ann said...

I'm so sorry all of you are hurt/sick! Maybe it's a sign that you need to spend more time together. :D Your reenacting dress looks very pretty in the photo in your sidebar. Hope you all feel better!

Sophia said...

Thanks :) We're all feeling better now, it was very strange that it all happened at once though. . . Murphy's Law, perhaps. . .