Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I feel horribly elated

Or rather, I feel horrible, *and* elated beyond words. Let me explain.

This week is spring break! That means knitting, hanging out, sleeping in, sewing, catching up on homework, artistry, and cleaning. Whew! Only took two days, I still have time for collages, flower planting, wood whittling and the sniffles. Yes, that’s why I feel bad, clutching onto my box of tissues and looking pathetic. Yet with a grin on my face because I’ve found this:


Well, I didn’t find it, but I found out what it looked a whole lot like:


A guitar from the 1850’s. That’s what it looks like.

I was using a larger Spanish guitar (black case in the picture), but being a small person with small hands, this wasn’t working. I decided to switch to the beginners guitar in picture 1, which was shoved behind my brother’s bed. It’s a Lyle C605, made in the 1960’s, now the company is expired and the guitar is “vintage” It needed a bit of work, two pieces fell off as I removed the 30- year- old strings (ick) and a tuning gear is missing.

Bored from gear-hunting, I searched online for pictures of 19th century guitars. I found one. That looks exactly. Like. Mine. Dated 1850. Needless to say, I’m thrilled.My guitar is 36'” inches long. Just like in the 19th century, because guitars were typically played by women and children. The sound-hole, head, tuning pegs, and bridge all look just the same. They’re both scratched up the same too, and are within 1/2” of each other's length.

I have a book from 1853 that’s called “The New and Improved Method of the Guitar” from which the latter picture comes from. I find the whole thing completely ironic and perfect.

Now all I need is that gear. Initiate massive gear hunt! Well, after I knit something for my sister’s 14th birthday this week!


BTW, I added a new recipe. Don’t worry, I won’t keep on putting up tomato based soups, I’ll do better in the future. Please give me a bit of slack, I’m sick.


Stephanie Ann said...

The tuning gears exist, it will just be very expensive if you want to replace all of them so they match. If you aren't worried about them matching, or if you find a style similar to what you have, you can find them for around $10. Elderly Instruments: has a good assortment. What pieces fell off? I can't tell from the picture. Depending on what it is it may be able to be glued back on with hyde glue. I'm glad you found a guitar that fits in with the period, I was using a big Classical guitar too until I got a reproduction parlor guitar for Christmas (how lucky!) I hope you get it fixed up.

Sophia said...

I was able to glue the pieces back on, and I'm still hoping to find the gear in my house (my little brother popped it off in the past) but thank you so much for the link!

Anonymous said...


you had to cross out everything but cleaning. :( poor you... you crossed out knitting, too.. :(