Monday, March 29, 2010

What’s been up lately. . .

I passed up to the next level in figure skating: Freestyle 2! I’m so excited, I’m just dancing on clouds.

Also, I’ve just finished reading “The Mysteries of Udolpho” by Ann Radcliffe, written in 1794. It was a good book with several passages worth committing to my commonplace book, but the heroine kept fainting into the convenient arms of a beautiful guy, which I found irritating. It’s sort of like the “Twilight” of it’s time, but back then it was considered to be just a reading novel and not improving of the mind. It affected *my* mind though, and manner of talking that has not quite worn off yet!

In other news, I found the Curly Girl technique, and it looks like this on my head:


I sort of like it. I made my sisters do it too, and it looks fabulous on them too. Here’s a link to a website of a group that loves this method: Here.

I shall soon post a new recipe, I’ll find a good one!



Melissa said...

Cute cirls! Cassie does curly girl, it works great for her... you should have seen her "before" hair, supper frizzy! I tried it but my hair is just not curly!
:( ;)

PS you forgot the link :)

Sophia said...

Tee-hee, oops. . . fixed :D

Stephanie Ann said...

Your hair looks really cute that way. I like the historical style of speaking that I tend to acquire after reading historical books. It really brings you back to a more eloquent time and is lots of fun. Have you read Wuthering Heights? I think you'd like it if you haven't. Keep up the good work!