Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Happens To Historical Cheaters

Or more accurately, One of the Most Embarrassing Moments I Can Remember. Oh yes, read on, it's quite amusing.

As most of you know, I reenact at a living history museum, Fort Nisqually, set in 1855. I have this very pretty outfit, complete with the slim waist, the dropped shoulders and the voluminous skirt.
For those that already *ahem* know what I'm talking about, here's the whole story:

As I set out to get ready for the monthly A/I meeting (Apprentice Interpreter), I felt nauseated and didn't want to go. I felt better after a while, but dressed rather sloppily. I added every layer I owned, except the extra chemise and the drawers. I always wear them, but this *one* time I thought, "Who's gonna know?". Yeah, you're catching on. . .

As I pulled on my knee-length stockings, I realized I was missing a garter, so I ran to the sewing room and grabbed the first fabric I saw: a bright yellow and orange batik print (much brighter and louder than in the picture). I ripped off some appropriately sized lengths and tied up my period-correct stockings.

The meeting was about music and dancing. We sang a few songs then went outside. The skillful musicians started the music and we danced in the cold grass. It was so fun, I hadn't danced in months.

We started this dance we usually do. At the Fort we call it "Jump in, jump out" but it's known by other names. It's a contra-style dance, danced in a circle. As a lady, you walk forward four, back four, repeat, jump in, jump out and you're twirled to the middle. You jump again then are passed to the next gentleman and repeat all until the music ends.

I was dancing with a very nice young gentleman, he's a new A/I this year. Forward, backward, forward, backward, jump in, jump out, twirl- a little too fast- WHOOSH!!! My skirt was up in the air, and everyone saw my beautifully improvised undergarments!!! *All* my stockings, my lovely garters, my bare knees, and *hopefully not* my chemise were revealed to the Fort, visitors, A/Is, and staff!!! (My English curriculum says don't try to be "cute" with more than one exclamation point. The author wasn't there.)

Luckily the light, drizzly rain put out the fire on my face, leaving it very brightly red. I kept quiet and as demure as possible until the next guy tried to twirl me. I couldn't stand it. "DON'T TWIRL ME!!!" I said desperately. Everyone knew by then. I think that scared the other guys, 'cause they didn't twirl me after that. I think my face remained red for the whole day. Now that I think about it, it's not that bad. . . Depending on what people saw. . .

Anyway, I have some sewing to do. I'm making another set of drawers and a very long petticoat.


Oh yeah. . . it's okay, you can laugh.


MissNonaEleanor said...

LOL. Wow, Spohia! I wish I was there to witness such an epic event! hehehe!

Melissa said...

LOL it's wasn't that bad! I didn't even realize you had improved garters... here I was thinking "Wow Sophia's amazing she even had period correct (awesome) yellow garters...." (no lie)and you cheated!! :P

I don't think anyone even saw all of them... I just caught the color out of the corner of my eye! :D

Stephanie Ann said...

Awww! I would be so embarrassed! I'm glad you weren't hurt. I have yet to make a pair of drawers I started sewing a pair, but messed up and haven't taken them apart to fix them. I love your blog!