Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Busy

This week of mine has been busy busy busy. Some of it's been lazy busy and some of it's been busy busy, if that makes any sense.

Today will be busy as well.
1. I need to clean out two wading pools in the front with my sis, because they have algae and mosquito larvae in them. You know how to kill mosquito larvae? We tried bleach and then oil. The bleach was supposed to poison them, but it just turned their skin paler. The oil worked though because it suffocated them. So now we can dump and scrub.

2. I need to finish the neckline on my dress. Then I only have to attach the waist piping then attach the skirt.

3. I need to make french bread, rolls, cake and bread for slicing.

4. I want, but probably won't get to finish an art project I had going.

5. I need to do more Algebra today as well.

Here's a random picture of cake I made a few weeks ago when I went on a baking craze. I want to make another carrot cake today.

Anyway, I'll be signing out now, I need to get cracking.

Ah, summer!


Sarah said...

that cake looks awesome *drools*

Sophia said...

It was really good, too!