Monday, July 27, 2009

The only way to fill an ice cream cone

Ten easy steps to fill an ice cream cone:

1. Select desired flavor of ice cream and remove it from the freezer.

2. Select desired cones and remove from shelf/cupboard/drawer/refrigerator. Mutter and complain about how the size of the cone is about half the size shown on the box.

3. Select desired ice cream scoop and remove from shelf/cupboard/drawer/refrigerator.

4. Open box and discover that not only are the cones half the size on the box, but half of them are broken.

5. Open ice cream container and remove a cone from the box. Place cone in desired hand and hold ice cream scoop in the other. Scoop up some ice cream with the scoop and attempt to cram it into the minuscule opening provided by the cone. Repeat. Several times.

6. Discard broken cone(s), and remove another cone from the box. Abandon the ice cream scoop, make sure nobody's watching you, and use your fingers to shove some ice cream into the cone. Fill the inside of the cone using your fingers.

7. Wipe fingers on shirt/tongue. Use ice cream scoop to get a big hunk to place on top. Hit top of cone with the scoop in hopes that the ice cream will depart from the scoop. Repeat.

8. Remove ice cream from scoop with fingers/spoon. Use fingers/spoon to shape ice cream in an attractive manner atop the cone.

9. Congratulations. Now, hurry. Place completed cone on surface, rinse off your fingers, dump mostly broken cones in box, put ice cream scoop in sink, put ice cream in freezer and put the cone box away.

10. Your ice cream has melted all over the counter. Repeat steps 1-10.

Funnier than it seems.


Graydon L said...

Lol! Did you write that?

Sophia said...

Yes, and it WAS very traumatizing.

Sophia said...

Heh heh, just kidding, it was okay in the end...

Victoria said...

I used to work in an ice cream parlor. Multiply your efforts by 50 times a day! Should have had those musings to post.

Sophia said...

Oh dear, that would be frustrating! At least there's a reward at the end :)

Anonymous said...

haha. i laughed. is that bad? if that actually happened to you, i shouldn't be laughing. heh. *laughs anyway* :\

Sophia said...

Okay, Sarah, you're making *me* laugh so stop laughing!