Sunday, August 16, 2009

Part Two, the beach

Okay, here are beach pictures!

What do you do when you're so bored that you're reduced to throwing rocks? (My big brother says it looks like I'm solemnly hailing a taxi)

Tether ball! This was SO fun, and I won against my little brother twice.

Be careful, Pooch! My baby brother's new hobby, up and down, up and down.

Sand castles, sea foam, shadows and sculptures!

I sculpted his head, neck and shoulders, and my sis and I made it look like he was buried in the sand, asleep! My sisters made another one, but I'm proud of this guy.

We went bowling Thursday night,

The funny shoes.
I got a strike, just one, but it was awesome! Dad got like, five, but that's okay : )

A good hearty push! She knocked most of them down with that!

After bowling we returned to the beach and I had a blast getting myself soaked:

The most gorgeous sunset ever!

That's all for now, thanks for tuning in!


Anonymous said...

i really like your sand sculpture! it's very well made. i couldn't do that well at all.

also, your sunset picture, the one that's second up from the bottom, is very awesome. i like that there's shadows of people and the water and the colors and everything. i put it on my desktop background. :)


Sophia said...

Thanks! The sunset was so photogenic :P