Sunday, August 16, 2009

Brigade, Beach, Bowling and Busyness

Hi there! I'm back from a very busy, very fun week.
Brigade was last weekend at the Fort, we headed to the beach on Wednesday and came back on Friday, then tomorrow we're expecting visitors then school school school!
I must confess; this year I'm dreading school. I usually don't, but my schedule is SO tight this year. I'm going to be taking two math classes for crying out loud (even that doesn't help ;) ) I love math, but it can be really irritating sometimes.

Anyway, here are pictures from Brigade! I carried the camera around all day Sunday, but nobody minded:
All snuggly in my shawl. Here I am doing 19th century games on Sunday...

But I had some help!

No lower class ladies at tea!

Young woodworkers!

I waited forever for them to shoot the cannon, camera in hand, but just as they shot it, the camera turned off! Low battery, ugh!

My next post will be part two, the beach!

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