Saturday, November 3, 2012

Long time no post

Hey guys!

Sorry to be pretty absent for a while. I actually considered deleting my blog, or doing one of those "Not posting anymore" posts. I haven't been blogging mostly because it's too much work. I feel like I need a picture, or need to have an event to post about, or something  funny. Also, I usually can't get to a computer everyday (large family dynamics). I decided that I just wouldn't stress it that much. I'm not going to *try* to do anything. I'm just going to post :)

This summer was so incredible. It was warm and lovely. I spent a lot of time napping in the sun, swimming in the lake, and eating unhealthy foods and milkshakes. I worked four days a week working at the tutoring center with friends. Work was light and after we got done we usually would play cards in the staff room. My best friend and I went out a lot after work was done, to the mall or the park or we'd take a few friends and go bowling. At the end of the summer though, I had to part with friends heading off to college. It's been so very bittersweet, seeing who will stay in my life. I got very close to a friend this summer who now has nothing to do with me. It was situational, but I'm glad I had those experiences.

I've been rather swamped lately. I wake up early and head to an elementary school where my sister helps teach violin in exchange for lessons. At about 8:30 we get to school and I work 4 hours in a row. It's mentally exhausting to teach/tutor a variety of subjects for hours, but honestly I wouldn't remember this much of any subject if I wasn't practicing every day. I love tutoring so much. It's so fulfilling. If it wasn't for that I'd probably get a different job that paid more. My goal is to buy a car (at this rate, bout 5 years :P).

Around home I try my utmost to exercise, clean and hang out with people. As opposed to making some coffee and taking a nap until dinner.

Well there's a quick catch-up! I'm going to start blogging from my phone and see how that works. Might make me post more? I'm committed to commitment! (think I've been watching too many political ads ... Did everyone remember to vote?!?) :)


Stephanie Ann said...

Good to hear from you! We all go through those periods where it just isn't practical to write. I'll look forward to when you can though. It's nice to see what everyone is up to.

Marian said...

Your life sounds so organized, I'm jealous! I *am* making time to fill out my ballot tomorrow, though. :D I hope you don't quit your blog!