Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tomorrow is 2012: Year in Review Pt. 1

In light of the new year, I think that it would be a good time for a two-parter month-by-month review of the highlights of 2011! I'm so sorry about my lack of posting. My general absence from anything online is due to events that have happened in the last few months. . . And school of course. I would like to thank you sweet, fabulous readers who have been checking my blog even while I haven't been posting <3.

January was very cold! I was commissioned to paint a work, a Ketubah, for a wedding. I'm pretty sure that was the largest piece I've ever done at about 2 feet by 3 feet.

The bottom left corner of the Ketubah
On my birthday, I went with a friend to a Salvadorian restaurant and I ordered in Spanish. The waiter was very sweet and patient. Afterwards, we went to a play at school, which was an interesting experience to say the least. There was so much snow on the drive home! It was sort of a drastic test for the new car (which did great). The highway was closed off, and everyone was spinning out around us. At least we had M&Ms in the car. :)

It was a very authentic restaurant!
Was mostly a month of sewing and preparing for the reenacting season. And school, of course.

Everyone grows so fast. . .
Flew by in a haze of babysitting, school, reenacting and, finally, a bit of sunshine.

The tulips under the hose

At the fort

I attended several amazing concerts at the amazing university my brother attends. I went to a fantastic sewing class and learned how to make a bonnet - a skill that will serve me well with three other young ladies to dress. I got a lovely set of china from my Grandma that now layers the bottom of my hopechest. 
The finished bonnet
The china set all wrapped up

Nigel and I finished up Spring quarter and then he graduated, with honors, of course. I'm very proud of him, and it's such a delight to be his little sister (especially when he helps me with chem :D). He'll probably want me take that off of my blog though. . . I also attended the graduating party of a sweet friend later in the month too. Next Spring, it will be me graduating.

The handsome graduate

A picture from before the ceremony
In June I think I consumed the largest amount of Strawberries and Cream Frappuccinos all summer. As you can see from the June pictures, we like using the front porch for pictures during the summer :)

Here I am, wondering if it's worth the calories. . .

June was when we went on our amazing beach trip!

Let's see, in July I had a random seizure and passed out when my blood was drawn. Later, after promising to stay put on the porch all night, we went to the Fort for a rather chilly summer evening at Family Fun Night.

At the fort
 We had a blast at the neighbor's party on the fourth. . .

I try, I really do. . .

 Around mid-July we got these rascals:

Aren't they perfectly adorable?

Full grown; they're helping with the weeding and looking perfectly indignant at having their picture taken. Except for Ethel, who is looking, as usual, confused. . .

At about a month old
They seem to have grown into their ears a bit!

August: I began writing many songs, finishing none. It was such a lovely, lazy summer.

In August I was able to cross something off of my bucket list: ride in a boat. It was so thrilling and was one of the highlights of my year. I look forward to being on a boat again!

This was not the scene of my rapture, just a lovely boat on the ocean

The beach again. . .


Stay tuned for part two. . .

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