Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blessed relief. . .

Well, I've started school again. I just realized yesterday that this is the last "First Week of School" for me. I'm a senior now. When did that happen?

As for the aforementioned "First Week of School", it had it's ups and downs.

Downs: I'm at a new campus this quarter, and it's been kinda rough on me. I don't like being in big places all by my lonesome. I do have friends there, but I don't see them much. I know, school isn't about friends, but that's just the way I roll. I also don't like waking up early and my temperamental, clenchy, doctor-confusing stomach doesn't like breakfast at 7:00 am.

Ups: I have the funnest professors! One makes lame jokes that we're to laugh at ("C'mon guys, that was a joke. I'm trying to be funny here and wake you up. Laugh.") which is kind of amusing in a sad way. Another has a thick Bulgarian accent and goes off on tangents that are almost as informational as the subject matter, and sometimes more interesting :). The last is a ball of energy who is *really* conversational and pauses quite often for responses. Doesn't always work (awkward silences). The campus, though huge and unfamiliar, is very pretty. But the designers/architects must have thought that Washingtonians like sitting outside in the rain 'cause that's where all the seating is. I'm not one for outdoor lounging in the rain, thanks. 

I've arrived at the weekend. Blessed relief. Yesterday my sister and I visited the youth group that two of our friends go to and we had a great time. :) Today I've kinda been spinning my wheels. I got in two training sessions with the goats, and I'm up to voice commands (yay!). I took the nail polish off of my nails, got some homework done, and I'll probably work on my 1855 wool dress for an upcoming event.

And maybe bake some brownies. Cause it's that kinda day.

Oh, yes. I forgot to mention that since this is a long and picture-deprived post, I did what my little sister often does to brighten up text. 


Marian said...

I hate early breakfasts, too! It's just "keep chewing & keep it down," at least for me. :P

Hannah said...

So, I've been reading your last couple posts. We have lots of things in common (creepy!)
-I have a doctor-confusing stomach too o.O
-I'm a senior in high school doing running start in college :)
-I'm in Washington too!
-Gluten-free buddies

That's all I got so far. How strange!

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