Sunday, July 17, 2011

Etching Glass

Yesterday we attended the beautiful wedding of a young lady from our church. For our gift, we decided to be a little creative and etch a glass bowl and dish for the couple. I was delighted to try this out; I love making wedding gifts. Since we have supplies left over, I can etch our own dishes as well.

I used the tutorial here (link). Be warned though, that Armour Etching Cream will *not* work on Pyrex. The instructions specify this. I etched on four separate dishes and they all turned out beautifully except for the Pyrex dish.

Reading instructions. . . It's a really simple process!

I created some designs and transferred them onto the sticky-backed vinyl.

Making them bolder with a sharpie. As you can see, Mama also bought some letter stencils which were a great blessing to have.

Applying the stencils with a credit card (or an expired gift card :))

The highly toxic etching cream. It's hard to get a good thick layer, but that's what you need for even etching.

Wait 10 minutes, then rinse. Here's the result!

I've blurred out the family name for privacy.

A very useful skill, no? :)


caulistats said...

Wow, Sophia, that is lovely! Great work. You've made an already nice wedding gift very unique!

Stephanie Ann said...

I saw that tutorial a few days ago and wanted to try it. I'm glad you did, those look great!

Marian said...

That's really cool, nice job!! It makes a great gift, too. :)

Miss Sophia said...

Thank you!!!

Savories of Life said...

I really like this. do follow my blog and become my friend. I need one like you!!