Thursday, June 16, 2011

Every beginning of summer

Hey everyone!

After a long long long finals week as well as a breather week I am back into blogging for the summer!

For me, every beginning of summer has:
- boredom
- listlessness
- lack of motivation
- movie watching
- residual school

And veinte Strawberries-and-Cream Frappuccinos.

When summer really gets started, that's the:
- re-decorating
- volunteering at summer camps
- sleeping under the stars
- sprinklers!
- pools!!
- beach!!!
- parties
- sunshine (oh, yeah)
- sandals
- bucket-list-crossing-off
- staying up all night talking
- playing guitar outside
- summery, sugar-y drinks

Right now. . . It's cloudy. . .

I have a feeling that the first 70* summer day will be attacked full force by a Me on a sugar high with sunglasses, beach towel and iced coffee. . .

So here's the question:
What's the beginning of summer like for you? Does summer appear instantly or do you have to find it?


Anonymous said...

Oh, your outfit is so cute! And yay for strawberries n cream!

For me, summer always seems to start as soon as school gets out. I normally spend that first week watching lots of daytime television and cleaning all of the stuff I've accumulated during the school year (sometimes I'll even clean while watching daytime television!) Eventually I get things done, but I'm a big fan of the lazy summer. You know, sleeping in, going to bed late, and reading romance novels in between with a glass of ice tea. ;)

Marian said...

I'm still trying to get used to summer...this year it really felt like school ended abruptly! But I've been doing some reading and stuff, and there's some family get-togethers coming up.

Love your signature, by the way! :)