Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ignoring People

The amazing ability that enables you to snatch the cocoa powder off of the shelf in the grocery store and skip merrily down the aisle.

Why waste a nice, long, perfectly good aisle?

Especially if you're wearing cowgirl boots and a new sweater?

Yes, you don't want to *completely* ignore everyone. Like that poor lady at the end of the aisle. She didn't look to happy when I crashed into her. She was probably mad that I stole her idea. . .

Yet all she had to do to obtain the bliss the eluded her was to step outside and observe:



It is the northwest. We have sighted sun, for two and a half days long.

It's Spring, people! Love it :)



Marian said...

Love the sweater!! And I can't blame you for skipping through the grocery store. It's funny, a very similar thing happened to me today--I was at the public library when some lady's ring-tone started playing. It was so catchy (kind of Celtic) that I started skipping/dancing/galloping on my way out. :P That was a first. I think you're right; it must be this weather!

Miss Sophia said...

Well we certainly must skip more often, dear. It makes everything so much more enjoyable :)

Stephanie Ann said...

:D Spring is making everyone happy!