Friday, April 1, 2011

And she bursts out of the cyberdust. . .

. . . Coughing and choking. . . It's been so long!

How are you all?!? I feel like it's time for a bit of spring cleaning! *goes around madly shaking everyone, dusting off her blog dashboard, shuffling the music, changing the background*

Much better.

I know you're getting bored of hearing this, but this year (happy April everyone) you're going to see more pictures *yay*, more me *yay?*, and more posts! *resounding cheer*

When we last left our story, our heroine was celebrating the Christmas season with her nearest and dearest, swishing around in a silk ballgown, on break from school, playing pool, happily making cookies and sweets. . . But the new year saw her back in another grueling quarter of school, writing papers in a different language, solving trigonometric functions, and studying the atmospheric content of the Galilean moon Europa. The new year was surprised to discover the songs that she had newly written, and even more surprised at the renewed determination to blog more.

On today's episode, our heroine is in her room, dolefully looking at the wafts of fresh laundry heaped in front of her closet. And waiting for dinner. She has successfully completed her last quarter in school and even survived both the Battle of the Finals Week AND the dreaded Fashion Challenge of the Winter.

This season look forward to seeing how our heroine viciously battles out her advanced Spanish class, be amazed at her clever fashion skills, be appalled at her fearsome songwriting skills and watch on the edge of your seat as she learns to drive, one mailbox at a time!!!

Remember, it is Friday! And that is when we will be posting, er, hosting episodes in the future!



Marian said...

Looking forward to your posts and songs!! :) Lol, winter/spring fashion is hard--I've been wearing the same raincoat most of the week. :P

Glad you like "Mycroft"! And just the other day, I was so worried about losing my iClicker that I named it Watson. :D

Marian said...

By the way, how was the Solar System class, overall?

Miss Sophia said...

Overall, it was really good! I liked it, and would've loved it if not for the odd characters in the class. The content was really interesting, and it was pretty fun.

Stephanie Ann said...

Yay! You're back.

caulistats said...

This isn't an April Fool's joke, is it? :-)

Looking forward to more posts!

Miss Sophia said...

Lol, thanks Auntie :)