Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shoes and Cookies

I got a new pair of shoes!

Aren't they cute? They're Roxy Tsunami's and they're really hard to find nowadays! I got the smallest size and they're a little too big yet. My henna tattos are all faded now except for the ones on my feet.

The other day my little sister had to go to a church event (AWANA), and she had to bring a treat to share with her class, so I made some chocolate chip cookies:

And they went over pretty well. I offered an extra one to my brother and he said, "Oh no, I couldn't." I looked at him questioningly and checked him for a fever, and he said, "I just couldn't steal from the church." Which made me crack up : )

In other culinary news, a groundbreaking new recipe has been made at my house.

Check it out. A chocolate filled shortbread layer under a white chocolate laced with coconut layer under a fudge-like chocolate layer. It is *so* good.

~ Sophia


Anonymous said...

You should post the recipe for that!

Phoenix di Angelo said...