Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm so curious

Okay, my birthday is later this month, and I've got a surprise coming. Needless to say, I'm very curious about what it is. . . I only know that I can't do anything on the weekend before, and that I don't get to write a birthday list. I wanted to go to Ted Brown Music to drool over the pianos and guitars, so I said to Mama, "I think on my birthday I want to- " and she interrupted with a, "Nuh-uh-uh-uh!" I do get to pick my dinner though, I want enchiladas and Kahlua tort.

Anyway, I was cooking up some lobsters the other day, and I was checking to see what parts you can eat. My littlest sister was watching me and after a few protests and tears, she lovingly named the lobster Matt, and his "brothers" Phillip and William. She told me not to hurt him (he was already cooked) which lead me to wonder if crustaceans feel pain. What about insects? I found conflicting answers. Apparently they feel pain, but not like we do. Check here and here (those are links).

Recently in school we've been doing "moderns" in history; Civil War to present. Us older two are at WWII, and the younger ones are learning about the Oregon Trail. Usually when we learn about a war, the younger ones like to act it out, so we had an interesting reenactment of the Civil War.

They divided up and "Johnny", a union soldier, single-handedly defeated every single confederate soldier in the southern army. He had a gun which shot "a million bullets" in three seconds. No wonder he won the war ; P. He got shot several times, but he had some "special armor" that protected him from everything, apparently. Us older ones were alternately cracking up, giving advice, and making corrections (I told "Johnny" that her gun was impossible considering the time period. She changed it so that she could load in two seconds. . .) After they got bored of the civil war, they switched over to WWI. 100-year-old Johnny's armor was still going strong! : P

The whole point of this post has kinda changed and wandered around. . . I'm done now ; D


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