Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Duct Tape Double!

I've got a new template which I love immensely : ) What do you think?

I've had a busy start to the new year! My brother visited from college and he was here for his birthday:

I made his cake in the shape of a computer because he's a computer geek. He's majoring in Computer Science so I thought he'd appreciate it. I know the keyboard's bigger than the monitor and the tower is tiny, but I had to be creative : )

Also, my brother's girlfriend visited, and she and my mother decided to to bind me in duct tape for some diabolical reason:

Hehe, just kidding. We made a duct tape double! I've wanted one for a long time. You take an old T-shirt and you wrap yourself in three layers of duct tape and then you cut it off and stuff it. When you're done you get a replica of yourself. Th replica is used like a dress form or a mannequin for sewing purposes. I wore my 1850 corset underneath because I mostly sew historical clothes. I'm so grateful that I had some extra hands; I can't imagine doing it by myself!

I looked like a storm trooper or some anime hero

The finished object (not stuffed yet). It completely creeps me out if I see it on a chair in the dark!

Mama patiently tapes it up

I'm actually gonna start some sewing today; I always have sewing to do!

Yesterday the whole family went to Union Station in downtown Tacoma for family pictures. It was raining and there were rainbows and it was gorgeous! I'll post some of those when we get them. It was really fun, I just love downtown Tacoma.

Oh yeah, my friend got a new blog! Go check it out: here

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