Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bento potatoes!

I haven't had much time lately for really detailed cooking. Yesterday I made pretzels and a lot of cookies. . . But earlier I was making lunch and I decided to have some fun with baked potatoes:

A potato bunny and a potato bear! Flax seeds are the eyes and noses, avocado and potato skin for the ears, and I drizzled them with olive oil. I'm calling them "Bento potatoes" because it's food art similar to what you'd find in a bento.

For those who don't know, bentos are lunches in boxes. They originated in Japan and have a very calculated size according to body weight, exercise, etc. Usually bentos are known for their artistry; children's bentos might have food cartoon characters, whereas an adult could make theirs in the likeness of a landscape.

I didn't know that I liked making food animals until today. I remember once I tried whittling animals out of carrots to get my little sister to eat them. And she didn't eat them :P

I'm off to practice guitar!

- Sophia

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