Sunday, October 18, 2009

David Crowder Band Concert

Oh my word.

I am blown away!!! That concert was unbelievably amazing! We watched Seabird, Dan Yew and the David Crowder Band perform and it was awesome. Crow tastes bad.

Starting out with Seabird; they played Black & Blue, Rescue, Cottonmouth, Don't You Know That You're Beautiful and a new one called Believe Me. I was sobbing when they finished, their music was completely gorgeous!
I was fine to leave then, I had already reached emotional instability, but then Dan Yew came and put on some amazingly beautiful songs! He sang Beautiful King, Wake Up and a few other songs. I shall definitely put him on my musical radar.

David Crowder Band came on next and their songs are SO much better live! Oh, it was unbelievable. The rocked, joked and interrupted You Are My Joy (my fav song of theirs) to say that they were entering a segment with "Guitar shredding, songs of epic length and possibly attempting to sing notes that were never meant to be sung by humans"
I loved that part.

They used awesome instruments, and they wore awesome clothes, but I couldn't see anything on the stage; everyone was standing up. They had screens up and I got some movies of the screens, which I will post soon.

Oh, I forgot. This man sitting behind us gave us some VIP passes so we got to meet the band!
We stood in a long line, thinking of ways to make the band remember us. When we approached the band, I had them sign my English homework!

They said:
"You don't have to turn this in, do you?"
". . ."
"Ahh. . . I remember this, prepositional phrases, yeah. . ."
"Ah, oh no! I had to get tutored on this! Sentence graphing!" (He picked it up and hit his head with it while I cracked up.)
"Ooh, I'm learning something."
"Hey there, you have a good time?"

One of my sisters gave a huge smile that caught them all off guard and David Crowder called my littlest sister sweet, so I think we were a success : D I told them that I thought I wouldn't like the concert, but I had an awesome time and they all smiled at me and said, "Great!" almost in unison, it was funny.

Tragically, I didn't get to meet Seabird. They said earlier that nobody had heard of them, and I wanted to spring up and say, "I've been a fan since you started! You're music makes me cry! Hey over here!", but I was in the back.

So anyway, I'm suffering minor symptoms of PCD (Post Concert Depression), but I got some videos. . .

The most fun I've had in a long time, all free! I calculated ticket costs plus the VIP passes and the total would have been $300. God is good!

Movies, autographs and pics to come.

Happy music bliss,



MissNonaEleanor said...

I told ya you'd like it! Glad you had a good time!


Sophia said...

You were totally right :D

Anonymous said...

i love concerts! seabird is awesome! i'm glad you had fun. :)

Sophia said...

Yes, Seabird is completely and amazingly awesome!