Saturday, September 5, 2009

Culinary Arts class, Black an' Blue berry pie and how I ate maggots.

So you must know by now that I'm homeschooled, which means that I can learn stuff that public schoolers don't learn anymore/at all. So this year, squished into my schedule, is Culinary Arts: class me and me sis do/cool stuff to do with food/learning new stuff/goofing around in the kitchen.

So Friday's assignment was to walk down the street (about ten blocks) and pick blackberries for blackberry pie. I like blackberry pie, and I like walks. Great assignment, teacher.

So Sis and I set out, cup measures in hand, brother at side. As we walked past the first bush, we saw that the neighbors opposite were in their yard. So we headed further down the street block by block till we wearily found a tiny bush on the side of the road.

We picked and picked. Lots of the berries were squishy, spiders dropped on our head, ants followed them, and the bushes scratched us. I got blackberry juice on my favorite hoodie.

So we repeated this for a while, maybe an hour. On the walk back, we still didn't have enough; we needed another cup. We were hot, tired and cranky. We passed this old man in a truck, and I stepped quickly to the side of the road. Sis followed, but tripped and dropped a handful of berries on the ground. The old man then turned and said, "Went to all the trouble of picking 'em, just to waste 'em on the ground!" He chuckled like it was a joke. Funny.

We met another lady on the way back who called, "School not in yet?" I think she thought it was funny.

Luckily we found more berries right near home, so we finished picking there. Another lady jogged passed and said, "Are you guys making pie? Ooh yum, my favorite!" By that time, I was ready for pie myself.

We went home and made dinner, pizza. This took a couple of hours; we made four and still had some dough left (glad we made a triple batch of dough).

So after dinner I began to process the berries; we decided to make cobbler instead of pie. I washed a lot of berries and ate a few. I looked deep into the bowl and came face to face with maggots. A lot of them. I won't go into details. "Went to all the trouble of picking 'em..."

We decided to make blueberry crisp. We had lots of blueberries, and I don't like blackberries anymore.

It was really good.

Previously in this class, we've made ratatouille:

Tomato Basil French bread:

And just for fun, I made some falafel!

Anyway, that's all in my recent cooking escapades. In fact, it's not over yet. I need to make another menu!

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MissNonaEleanor said...

Oh dear! Maggots in blackberries cannot be fun! =P But Blueberry cobbler sounds quite yummy! Looks great!

Sophia said...


Victoria said...

We went picking last night with relatives from California who thought it great fun to pick in the rain. No spiders or maggots, thank goodness. Your cobbler sounds delicious.

Sophia said...

Picking in the rain does sound fun!