Saturday, August 29, 2009

I used to like racing games...Till I started to learn to drive....

Now, they pretty much make me nauseous. Especially the off-road ones, where you can flip and do other crazy, creepy and altogether suicidal things to your vehicle.
I used to love those games. They're pretty much the only kind of video game I like/liked. I still like them, as long as I drive carefully.

Something else, not directly related, but... I don't understand some things in my driver's manual.
"If you miss your exit on the freeway, do not back up, but wait till the next exit to leave the highway and turn around." Do not back up? Ouch. I know this is supposed to be for new drivers, but I don't know who wouldn't know that.

So, you've probably gathered that I am preparing for my drivers test. I can take it whenever I'm ready. Haha, I've been preparing since I was ten years old. I studied driving habits, signs and controls since then in fear. I'm nervous. I don't like driving.

So now you know my fatal secret. Is this natural?

I'm off to make blueberry pancakes!



Graydon L said...

My mom has backed up on the freeway :(

Sophia said...

Well, moms are excluded, because they are usually awesome and know what they're doing.

Sarah said...

stress on the word "usually". :P hehehe.

you'll do fine on your driving test!

once my grandad was taking me somewhere and we were going onto the highway and he noticed that there was all this traffic, so he backed out of the entrance ramp. that might be more of a fail than backing up on the highway... :P

Malcolm said...

Ah, Sophia, you should have learned how to be a safe driver from watching your big brother...remember, if your car is on two wheels when it turns, that means it's half as likely to crash as if it's on four wheels right?