Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am SO sore and tired it makes me sore and tired to think about how sore and tired I am...

...To borrow a phrase.

Yesterday was figure skating lessons. I need to make some videos of the moves I'm learning, because I can't find them on YouTube. Anyway, I have finally mastered my lunge, which is one of the skills I need to pass to Freestyle 1. The other skills are inside and outside edges, bunny hops and inside 3-turns, all of which I'm pretty good at.

Lunging is basically thrusting (lunging) your body into an uncomfortable position for an extended period of time while moving forward. I help my classmates learn after the teacher leaves and
they all wanted to lunge so I went all out. This way, that way, lunge lunge lunge. I even sat on the ice in a half-split position. And I fell from that position several times. I landed on my cell phone once, but it's okay. It was SO FUN, I got my clothes totally wet!

Anyway, I just got back from the Fort today, where I helped out at the camp again. It was pretty fun, I cut my finger on the porch, sat around a lot, got doused with water and I helped with making lanterns.

I cut my finger on the porch while looking at rocks underneath it. I was bored and I said, "Hey these rocks look really weird." and another A/I (apprentice interpreter) said, "Maybe they're mice." And it made me laugh really hard and I grabbed onto the wood and ripped off some skin that way. It was way funnier in person.

I hadn't done lanterns before, so I helped another volunteer and soon got the hang of it. There were some visitors that came up to us when we were making them; they were an older couple. The lady came up and said, "Won't the wood catch on fire?"
"No, we'll put glass around the candle."
"Ohh! I didn't know that they had glass in the olden days!"
Yup. We had fun telling that story to everybody. Someone else said to me:
"So, are you a staff member?"
"No, I volunteer here."
"...Why in the world would you want to do THAT?"
"(blink, blink) Because it's ridiculously fun."

Now I'm thinking of all of these great things I should have said instead, but I guess that I was so confused why she'd say that. I guess SHE was confused...Anyway, I'm confusing myself now, moving on.

I ran around the fort a lot, so that's part of why I'm sore...It was also hot, but it gave me an opportunity to thank the Lord for our soldiers in Iraq, and to bless them for their courage and strength in this heat.

This was kind of a long post (for me), but I was just sitting here doing nothing.

Signing out.


Graydon L said...

I had to shovel beauty bark all day. I got sunburned like crazy and Jonny was so tired he crashed in his bedroom and has been sleeping for about 2 hours.

sorry, that was a bit of a one-upper :P

Sophia said...

Oh yeah, shoveling dirt is WAY worse! In 84 degree weather? No wonder you got sunburned! You probably weren't wearing sunscreen either...

What are you guys shoveling for?

Sarah said...

that's so cool that you ice skate. i wanted to do that really bad when i was younger... i still think it would be fun, but i have other competing interests that are cheaper that i wouldn't have to work at for a bazillion years before i get half decent... i mean, knitting and/or photography doesn't involve falling over and breaking stuff... *shudders* or, photography MIGHT involve falling over and breaking stuff, depending on how interested said photographer is at getting an interesting angle on something. :P

anyway, i'll stop rambling.


Sophia said...

Wow, Sarah, you had me cracking up!
The worst position I was in taking a picture was laying on the grass :P

I've only been skating for a year, but it's really fun exercise!

Thank you for the comments!